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Purchase Order Management System

There is a new UK cloud hosted product solutions that cover a number of key company business functions ‘ Human Resources (HR), the management and control of Contracts for both suppliers and customers, company expenses, and the conversion and storage of a wide range of company documentation in a simple document management system.

Each system features the intuitive colour icon interface that has proved popular with current client users. Ease of system use is key for any system, to ensure that all users, irrespective of experience with screen based systems, find the functionality useable. Each solution is tailored with roles and permissions for all users to ensure they have only the key functionality they require. Whenever you are interested in more tips with regards to Click here for additional information

Being UK private cloud hosted means that customers do not have software or storage overheads or costs for their solution to be concerned about – it provides all this as part of the monthly service. Users simply get secure access to the system via a shortcut on their screen.

The solutions work on a wide variety of devices from PC, to lap top, to net book and tablet. There is also access to some functions on smart phones e.g. approval tasks, if relevant. So as long as you have internet access, the system can be accessed anywhere, at any time, meeting the ever more mobile workforce needs. Communication to users of any allocated tasks, is carried out via email, with a daily reminder as to any outstanding ones.

Main systems will always go through a detailed System Specification stage that will confirm what functionality and customisation to the software will be delivered, which client signs off. A test version of the system will then be supplied to client for their own testing before a go live date is agreed.

All main product systems follow the same pricing structure a low set up cost that includes customisation of workflows, reports, and the inclusion of client logos where relevant. Training for customers is via videos recorded using an approved test version. Customer Support is all via a separate web portal and importantly includes a number of hours of useable time that clients can use for any purpose, including small system changes.

Major system changes required after system go live are handled under Change Management, detailing the specification of the solution development and cost in advance of production.

Behind the ‘tablet’ interface that the system uses, is a very powerful Records Management system, that means that the range of products and customised solutions B2B will be able to offer will continue to increase.

Human Resources Software Solutions

There are 2 versions of a brand-new UK online Human Resources record management system, with the recommended time log system, that can be included as a module, or bought as a separate system for SME’s. For anyone interested in extra information relevant to employee record retention this particular web page human resources software features numerous more content articles about employee records management.

The first is a basic to make use of HR software application solution for documenting staff details, from an employment stage with supporting documents, through to complete work status and ultimately as a leaver. Once in an employed standing the system gives a checklist for the registration of crucial files such as ticket/ driving licence, with control panel tips for HR team of missing documents. And obviously, work history can after that be accumulated over their career, from performance evaluations to disciplinary, to training, health as well as accomplishments. Human Resources can likewise establish review or assessment for destruction dates later on for document types brought into the system, to come in accordance with company document retention procedures.

The control as well as accessibility to staff member records is controlled using roles and permissions, so just validated personnel can see all documents– such as the HR Supervisor- whilst individual employees can have complete or partial access to their very own documents, as required by company plan.

A module which can be integrated with the core Human Resources information system -integrated with Self Service- is the Time Sheet system. This will enable employees to assemble timesheets on, say, a day-to-day basis, noting time as standard or overtime, and with a notes facility to record sick or various other absence. Once ready, possibly on an once a week basis, the time sheet can be sent for approval by means of workflow. Staff members can then see the condition of all submitted time sheets, such as accepted, awaiting authorization, if they’re turned down or cancelled, and when they are ready-made for payment.

Lastly there is a Time Log system module, which can be included with the Self Service component, that will allow staff document out and in times (consisting of breaks). This component can be purchased as a standalone system, for small SME demands.

Being a private cloud system, held at a UK data centre, safety and security for kept Human Resources documents is a key element in our solution. Staff can access the systems, with appropriate permissions, from any place they have an internet connection, especially relevant in the Self Service module. Complete system functionality is available on all gadgets tablet sized upwards.

Each system showcases the intuitive colour icon user interface that has proved prominent with current customer users. Ease of system usage is crucial for any kind of system, to guarantee that all individuals, regardless of experience with display based systems, find the functionality able to be used. Communication to individuals of any type of allocated jobs, is accomplished using e-mail, with a day-to-day reminder regarding any type of outstanding ones.

Being UK personal cloud hosted by DOL, indicates that customers don’t have software or storage overheads or costs for their solution to be concerned about – this is provided within the regular monthly service. Users simply get secure accessibility to the system via a shortcut on their display.

Main systems will certainly always go through a comprehensive System Specification phase that will confirm precisely what functionality and customisation to the software will be delivered, which client signs off. A test version of the system will after that be provided to customer for their own assessment before a go live date is agreed upon.

All major product systems comply with the very same pricing structure– a reduced set up expense that consists of customisation of workflows, reports, and the inclusion of client logos where appropriate. Educating for customers is via videos recorded using an accepted test version. Client Support is all using a different web website and importantly includes a number of hours of useable time that clients can use for any kind of function, including tiny system modifications.

Significant system changes required after system go live are handled under Change Management, describing the specification of the solution development and expense ahead of production.

online hr
The Benefits Of An Online HR System

There are many advantages to introducing a web-based human resource (HR) system into your company. The advantages are wide-ranging, and include an increase in productiveness and also organisation, which is made achievable by decreasing the requirement for staff to undertake admin-based tasks. A HR system additionally sorts and stores compliance associated files, and supplies data in order to make business decisions. What’s more, HR systems are computerised and thus decrease the quantity of human errors that occur, enhancing trust in factors such as the accuracy and reliability of your respective payroll process. Subsequently, HR methods also work to boost the fulfillment of one’s workforce. You will find more up to date


An online HR program heightens efficiency by enhancing the organisation of a company. The Human resources program lessens the dependence on office staff to undertake basic admin tasks which are time consuming, by automating lots of Human resources operations such as dealing with documents and paycheck. This effectively boosts the efficiency of the company overall.

Managing staff files

An online HR software program is invaluable for making certain your enterprise is following regulations; each and every company is required to comply with a variety of laws, and HR software relies on a selection of strategies to properly arrange a company’s compliance related data. It functions by handling the many employee files – rendering them easily obtainable for certain legal circumstances that demand these key files.

For instance, if you’ve laid off a worker because they were regularly very late, sooner or later you could be instructed to show this. You ought to be capable of present tangible evidence of this to corroborate that you didn’t break any regulations, and an online Human resources program enables you to locate the details of this compliance matter.

Metric tools

A HR system includes HR metric applications, which give you with the capacity to evaluate details such as contracting expenses and rate of sales revenue. These types of metric applications make it easier to evaluate all the details of how your company is performing, which actually means that you can evaluate any specific concerns, examine this data, and design approaches to improve your business. Consequently, metric applications give you the ability to perform data-guided decision making.

No human error

An automated system results in considerably fewer errors compared to a human system, which unfortunately involve numerous human faults. Human errors such as an inaccurate number or the inaccurate placement of a decimal point may result in huge issues that misuse company time and finances to mend the mistake. Even just a small human error could cause a major problem for your business.

Fortunately, online HR systems significantly lower the number of errors due to the automation of business operations – keeping your company running efficiently.

Employee experience

Advantages of an online HR system like lessened errors in payroll also can feed into an employee’s fulfillment, given it enables staff to put trust in the fact that they’re getting paid accurately. Even small advantages such as this, that improve your employees experience while in the company, enhance the morals of your business too.